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Boxes Some of the boxes listed below are shown in other sections (like Dish Pack listed in the Kitchen section)
Be sure not to duplicate in both sections. The boxes below can be from storage areas or areas not listed.
Book Box(es) Large Box(es) Picture(s)
Dish Pack Medium Box(es) Small Box(es)
Extra Large Box(es) Mirror(s) Wardrobe Box(es)

Armoire, Lrg Box, Wardrobe Lrg Dresser, Triple
Armoire, Sm Box, Wardrobe Sm Dresser, Vanity
Bed, Bunk (Set of 2) Chair, Boudoir Dresser/Vanity Bench
Bed, King Chair, Straight Floor Lamp/Table Lamp
Bed, Queen Chaise Lounge Futon
Bed, Rollaway Chest of Drawers Night Table
Bed, Single/Hollywood Chest, Armoire SM / Winthrop Desk
Bed, Std/Double/Full Chest, Bachelor/Cedar Student Desk
Bed, Waterbed Base Daybed/Captains Bed Trunk
Bookcase Dresser, Double Wardrobe, Large
Bookshelves Section Dresser, Single Wardrobe, Small

Baby Carriage Chair, Child. Reg & Rock Large, Rug
Baby Crib Chair, High Playpen
Bassinet Chest Rocking Chair
Bed, Youth Child Table Toy Chest

Living Room
Bar, Portable Grandfather Clock Sectional Bookshelf
Bench Fireside Hall Tree, Large Sofa, 3 Cushion
Bookcase Hall Tree, Rack Sofa, 4 Cush HideABed
Cedar Chest Lamp, Floor or Pole Sofa, Loveseat
Chair, Arm Magazine Rack Sofa, Per Section
Chair, Occasional Music Cabinet Sofa, Rattan, Wicker
Chair, Overstuffed Ottoman Stereo Component
Chair, Rocker Phone Stand Stereo, Console
Chair, Straight Piano, Baby Grand Tables, Coffee
Chair, Wicker Piano, Bench Tables, Dropl/Occasnal
Computer System Piano, Parlor Grand Tables, End
Curio Cabinet Piano, Spinet/Console TV Stand
Day bed Piano, Upright TV, Big Screen
Desk, Secy Portable Record Player TV, Combination
Desk, Sm. Winthrop Recliner TV, Console
Entertainment Center Roll/Pad Rug, Large TV, Portable
Fireplace Equipment Roll/Pad Rugs, Small Unit, Wall Lrg
Footstool Secretary Desk Unit, Wall Sm

Dining Room
Bakers Rack Dining Chair Rugs, Lg. Roll/Pad
Base Buffet Dining Table Rugs, Sm. Roll/Pad
Box, Dish Pack Harvest Bench Server
China Cabinet Hutch Tea Cart
Corner Cabinet Lamp   

Baker's Rack Harvest Bench Stool
Box, Dish-Pack Kitchen Cabinet Table
Breadmaker Lamp Tea Cart
Breakfast Suite, Chairs Microwave Oven Toaster Oven
Breakfast Table Microwave Stand Utility Cabinet
China Cabinet Serving Cart  

Air Cond.-Window, Lrg Freezer 16 or Over Refrig. 11 cu. ft. or More
Air Cond.-Window, Sm Range, 20'' Wide ShopVac
Dehumidifier Range, 30'' Wide Stackable Washer/Dryer
Dishwasher Range, 36'' Wide Trash Compactor
Dryer Refrig. 6 cu. ft. or Less Vacuum Cleaner
Freezer 10 or less Refrig. 7 to 10 cu.ft. Washing Machine
Freezer 11 or 15       

BBQ Grill Large Ladder, Extension Picnic Bench
BBQ Grill Medium Lawn Mower, Hand Picnic Table
BBQ Grill Small Lawn Mower, Power Sand Box
Birdbath Lawn Mower, Riding (HP) Spreader
Chairs, Aluminum Lawn Roller Swing Set
Chairs, Metal Lawn Statue Trampoline
Chairs, Wood Leaf Blower Table, Large
Garden Hose & Tools Outdoor Child Gym Table, Small
Glider or Settee Outdoor Child Slide Umbrella
Ladder, 6' Step Outdoor Dry Racks Wheelbarrow
Ladder, 8' Metal  Outdoor Swings   

Rec. Room/Garage/Office
Baby Carriage Filing Cab. 3 Drawers Sewing Mach. W/Cabinet
Barbells Filing Cab. 4 Drawers Sled
Bicycle Filing Cabinet Cardboard Suitcase
Bowling Ball/Bag Folding Chairs Table, Game
Box, Book Folding Cot Table, Ping Pong
Box, Large Footlockers Tackle Box
Box, Medium Gas/Electric Heater Tire
Box, Small Golf Bag Tire with Rim
Card Table Hot Tub Toolchest, Large
Child's Wagon Metal Shelves Toolchest, Medium
Clothes Basket Office Desk Toolchest, Small
Clothes Hamper Pool Table Comp. Trampoline
Cot, Folding Pool Table Stand Trash Can
Exercycle Power Tool Hand Tricycle
Exercise Machine Power Tool Stand Utility Table
Fan Rug, Large Wastepaper Basket
Fern/Plants Stands Sewing Machine Console Work Bench
Filing Cab. 2 Drawers Sewing Machine Portable   

Computer Desk Office Copier TV, Big Screen 42"+
Computer Flat Screen PC/Computer TV, Combination 36"-42"
Computer Monitor/Screen Satellite, lg TV, Stereo/Con. 27"-32"
Computer Printer Satellite, sm TV, Table/Model 19"-25"
DVD Player Scanner TV, Portable 13"-15"
Entertainment Center Shelf Speaker Typewriter, Portable
Fax Machine Stereo Component VCRs
Floor Speaker TV Stand   

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