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If your move is inbound (to the continental U.S.) and booked by another company, please contact that company regarding insurance/claims procedures.  If your move is outbound (from the continental U.S.) and booked by Compass International Forwarding, Inc., please contact us to initiate any claim that you may have for damages.

We require 50% of the balance prior to routing the shipment for overseas move; the remaining balance can be paid while the shipment is in transit or at the time of delivery by certified funds.  We offer a 5% discount for payment with certified check, money order or wire transfer (this discount is noted on your quote).  Payment by credit card is accepted however you waive the 5% certified funds discount.

Please keep in mind that the standard limited liability is offered at no cost to you; but although we do not anticipate any reason to file a claim, in the unlikely event there were some damages to your property, the maximum liability would be limited to 60 cents per pound per article.  Example: a chair weighing 100 lbs. would have a maximum settlement of $60.00.

In addition to the standard no-cost limited liability; Compass offers no deductible full-value replacement through the industry leading, third party insurance carrier, TGI.

There may be additional charges if you require storage, or the residence requires additional handling that was unknown at the time of the original quote due to stairs, elevators, or access problems.

Please be prepared to remit any C.O.D. amount due at time of delivery before the delivery crew begins unloading.  Payments may be made in the form of a cashier’s check or money order (no cash or personal checks please) made payable to Compass International Forwarding, Inc.  Payments may also be made via most major credit cards, for a small fee, over the phone any time prior to delivery.
Depending on your destination, after the origin agent picks up your goods, please allow 1-3 weeks for your goods to arrive at the destination port.  When your goods arrive at the destination port, please allow 3-5 business days for the ocean line to release your goods to be picked up by your port agent.  Please allow 1-3 weeks (depending on destination) for the port agent to deliver your goods to the destination agent.  When your goods physically arrive at the destination agent, they will contact you to schedule delivery to residence on their/your earliest available date.

Unless otherwise requested, your quote will include full door to door service, which includes packing at origin.  Also keep in mind, many third party insurance companies will not cover damages to contents in boxes that were not packed by professional movers.

Compass has a dependable network of reliable agents worldwide to conduct local services.

Unlike many of our competitors, your Compass quote includes origin packing/loading and destination unloading/unpacking in our door to door moves along with debris removal.

Please fill out our on-line rate request form or contact us so we can get a better idea of the services you will require.  We will respond with a rate and answer any questions you may have.

It is advisable to begin making inquiries three months before your estimated moving date. You can start with obtaining an online quote from our website. You can then arrange a free home survey if booking your move with Compass.

If you require a home survey, contact us to arrange a time and date which is convenient for you. The home survey is a free service when booking with Compass, and you will not be charged a call-out fee. An onsite survey is simply the most accurate way of obtaining information to ensure our service and weight projections are in line with your expectations.

The surveyor will arrive at your house at a time and date which has been pre-arranged. He will then walk through your house with you from top to bottom on a room by room basis, noting down the items you would like to ship. A handheld tablet will be used to record all of the information that you tell the surveyor. During the walk through, the surveyor will advise you on items which you may not be able to ship due to customs regulations in your destination country. (If applicable)

Once the survey is completed the results will be sent to your move manager at Compass. We will then contact you to discuss your expectations both with service as well as staying within your budget.

Your quotation will be based on a Monday to Friday service unless otherwise requested. Saturday collections and deliveries are available; please ask your Move Manager for details of prices.

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